Euthanasia from Christian and Islamic point of view

Document Type : Research Paper



n this paper, the author tries to deal with one of the most important contemporary ethical problems, i.e. euthanasia. Is it moral and ethically justifiable to kill a terminally ill person on his or her request due to an endless pain and suffering or incurable disease? To answer the question, the paper is divided into five sections. In the first section, euthanasia and its various kinds are defined, and the scope of the paper is limited accurately. The second section introduces catholic teachings and its uncompromising position against this action. The third section introduces Islamic viewpoint on euthanasia. Based on the Quranic verses, killing an innocent person is the gravest crime and is against God’s written law. The forth section concentrates on the two fundamental arguments in favor of euthanasia: the first is self-determination and respect for human autonomy, and the second is compassion and kindness to the patient with incurable disease. The fifth section assesses these reasons and tries to show that they are misused.


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