Causal Relation in Mystical determinism of Rumi

Document Type : Research Paper




ompulsion and choice are one of the significant issues of theology; and from a long time ago, it has been paid attention to with different viewpoints; each of the followers of  the different beliefs has dealt with this issue according to his own specific idea. One of the famous viewpoints in this regard is that of the mystics, which has a widespread reflection in the literal-mystical heritage. Mowlavi, as one of the theoreticians of this issue, deals with it in Mathnavi Ma’navi through anecdotes and proverbs, which is the Quranic method. In this article, the background of the theological discussions and its effect on the Iranian’s culture and thoughts, as well as on Mowlavi’s mystical viewpoints, are investigated.
He poses such issues as cause and signification, providing causes and removing them, the relationship between compulsion and trust to show that Allah’s specific compulsion is the sign of man’s weakness and finally of the compulsion. With reference to the man’s regret and shame for what he has done, he also introduces man as a creature with a conscious choice.


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