Perceived value of Ibn Sina, Suhrawardi and Mulla Sadra

Document Type : Research Paper



In this article we are trying to study, investigate theories of three major Islamic philosopher of value perception. Ibn Sina, Suhrawardi and Mulla Sadra, each about the views and opinions of particular attention in order to acquaint them with Islamic epistemology is essential.
Of course this discussion, entitled independently in books and scientific works, he has not been raised, therefore we tried to check their original ideas in different fields, such as science topics, Nfsshnasy, issues, and mental existence. . criteria perceived value to be achieved.
The majority of Islamic theologians, the correspondence of mental pictures of the outside world are believed to have proved it with various arguments, however, whether the criterion of reaching an agreement between subject and object presented or not? The problem is that we are trying to answer in this article.