Cash on Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an, Leiden

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Mohammad Hassan Time
Fourteen centuries heavenly Father is merciful and Imam whispered in his eternal testament to all the children in the course of history, resonating in our ears spotlights that:
Avsykma and all I Blghh a child and domestic and book ... Allah Allah fi al, Laysbqkm Balml to Ghyrkm ... (Nahj, 47)
I'll give you my two children (Hassan and Hussein) and all my children and relatives and all those who come to them my letter, I will ... For God's sake, you have to God in the Quran (note), not aliens in it you are overtaking.
But, unfortunately, not just some foreign nations to fulfill some moral commands of the Qur'an like order, cleanliness, perseverance, integrity, a tribute to the collective spirit of our manufacturing Muslims surpassed, but in some scientific fields Quran Islam took the lead generation of religious scholars. "Flugel" German wrote 'al Mu'jam words "in the name of astronomy revelations of Furqan all religious scholars in their fields to visitors the way. "Jules Labvm" French wrote 'subject Mu'jam Quran "in the name of al-Karim verses fully responsible for teaching subjects for students and scholars of the Qur'an to the Muslim world takes. "Kldzyhr" Hungarian Jewish exegetical approaches to the study of the Quran and writing teaching Quranic Sciences and sat on the throne madhahib Altfsyryh Llqran Karim new knowledge is based on Quranic sciences.
Western Orientalists, Christian priests and Jewish rabbis are not satisfied, but now that passion to the need for a comprehensive and cohesive society in the Quran, the last book of God as an "Encyclopedia of the Qur'an" felt, before Islamic scholars and research centers in the Quran and some of them continued their task of leading a Western woman named "McAuliffe» (Jane Demmen Mco Auliffe) Professor "George Washington" in Leiden, Netherlands to investigate the Quran and Articles were drafted Koran.
They are about a thousand titles of key words of the Quran as the Encyclopaedia entries have been chosen to present their collections in the five volumes of the world of humanity. Since 2000, the three volumes were published in English.
Book Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an: (Encyclopdedia of the Quran) is the latest Western scientific and cultural action of the Holy Quran were reviewed. Although God protect "the text of the Quran" from distorts breadwinner and has said:
"Anna Nahnu mentioned Nzlna Wana Lhafzvn Crush" (Stone, 15/9)
But to preserve the pure teachings of the range of distortion, interpretation and misunderstanding has given us Muslims.
The religious scholars and seminaries and teachings of Ahlul Bayt (PBUH) is the flagship banner of defending the honor of Islam and preservation of pure thoughts and carried the Qur'an to correct their misunderstandings, Imam Baqir (as) said:
Ulema Vrsh the Prophets, and the Prophets hang Da'vat Yvrsva Drhma Dinara provinces and enema Vrsva I Ahadyshm traditions, Femen getting Shyya Just getting Hza minus Vafra, Fanzrva Mlkm Mn Takhzvnh, Van FINA per the Ahl al-Bayt Khalaf Dvla Ynfvn Anah distorted Alghalyn and Anthal Almbtlyn and interpretation Aljahlyn (Evening, 2/92)
The scholars are the heirs of prophets, explaining that the prophets have not inherited wealth, but also their traditions and teachings came to Earth, everyone whatever they take, benefited. Make sure that your knowledge of how people learn, because the Prophet in every generation we are true scholars of moderate and radical distortion of Islam and doubts and bugs opposition responded Zdaynd Ghyralmanh false justifications aside unwary.
Review Encyclopedia of the Quran is just a step in the direction of the mission. However, inspired by the verse: "Vela Yjrmnkm Shannan people Tdlva Ali Ella" (Maida, 5/8) recommends that the observance of justice and equity, total cash encyclopedia in four parts we supply. Although each of the articles requires a complete and detailed critique, which I hope other researchers will attempt Qur'an.