The concept of God in thought and philosophy Philo

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This article appeared in the plot and conflict resolution on the theology of Philo. Conflict actually comes from two aspects of his personality, the interest in Jewish religion and Platonic philosophy. The author believes that the doctrine of transcendence (God without attributes) that God is beyond Platonic Philo and beyond knows the Supreme example, a change in the concept of God in the Greek philosophers created. At the same time, the Stoic religion and faith for the content between the public and any place (metaphor) right at the same transcendence (transcendence), giving him the benefit of the people. According to the above-mentioned Barihi sides of an area, but better than the other one, that is, in fact and in truth our God is absolute, but when he's the creator and similar words, he interest in a relationship and metaphorical qualities we ascribe to him