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Hope for the future and the immortality of man, the principles of all religions, the turning point of human thoughts and meaning of human life is painfulThe amount and intensity of belief in eternity and Javydbvdn, the fate of people in sensitive and important decisions in life, from the beginning to the end of his figureOn the other hand, however compelling vision of how eternal life (living again) us, we will of course make more heart. Abraham (PBUHHis thirst to learn how human judgment, watered by experience, because the thought and image, means of thought and worldview that underlies human. This article attemptsHypotheses and theories in explaining and achieving better and better the lives of the world's last upward of men and women. After possible hypotheses and theories offered in the immortality of man is at last drawing views theologian Hakim Mulla Sadra as top theory is mentioned