Ibn Sina and Mulla Sadra divine science

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This paper seeks to explain the views of the famous philosopher, Rheumatologic, Ibn Sina and al-Hakim, Mulla Sadra and expressed their disagreement about the science of God. Sadra philosophy of science, even though it has far and in the Initiation, bags sensual.In transcendental philosophy and science of God Bhzat beings created before and after created, academic person, but in the wisdom of the peripatetic nature of science and science Bhzat Mtqrrh forms in nature, presence and knowledge of foreign entities, before and after the creation, acquisition is. The paper questions such as: Does God knows? If science is, what kind of knowledge he is, in person or acquisitions, detailed or brief? Is science the beings he created before or after you create? Is God to material things and changing science or not? If knowledge is partial knowledge or the general fund? Is the science of God or the respective function? Has been answered