Education from the perspective of the third century Muslim scholar Ibn Shnvn

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This paper examines and describes Educational votes "Abnshnvn" Islamic thinker third century and "al-Mualemeen customs," he explains. Abnshnvn explain the importance of educational ideas and his book is: First, the scientific community and cultural training with the first author on Islamic education metSecondly Abnshnvn book image of culture, curriculum, teaching materials, essential lessons and schools (in the third century) is in Kairouan. Thirdly certain date of the training, the type of connection between teacher and student teacher and learner in the West considered. Fourth attitude Maliki legal scholars - at that time - the issues of education, according to their sources and how to harvest their educational traditions and the Prophet is clear. Abnshnvn literacy, learning the Quran, religious practices and foster learning based on the goals of special education based on knowledge and insight that he is a teacher and a teacher, the teacher's job in the scope of between him and the parents of students financial contracts explain he does.