Autonomy in Korsgaard's View

Document Type : Research Paper


PhD student of theology, Qom University


 The present paper examines Korsgaard's view about action and its constitutive features. Korsgaard believes that the constitutive function of action is to constitute the agent. On the other hand, autonomy and efficacy are two constitutive features of agent. Since the constitutive feature of anything is normative for that thing, every agent must act autonomously and efficiently in order to constitute his/her own agency. The procedure that Korsgaard proposes to achieve autonomy and efficacy is the Kantian categorical and hypothetical imperative. Korsgaard holds that action is not restricted to human beings and animals are somehow autonomous, though they are not bound by Kantian imperatives. But autonomy in the deeper sense is to choose the principles of action, and in this sense just human being can be regarded as autonomous.



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