Kant's Transcendental Psychology

Document Type : Research Paper



Ismail Sa'adati Khmaseh
Particular views have been proposed on soul's powers and their functions when analyzing and criticizing pure intellect, especially in transcendental inference. The existence of particular elements and method of psychology in the first critique has led some Kantian scholars to discuss transcendental psychology and its validity and significance.  The transcendental psychology of critique is neither the authenticity of psychology nor apparently intellectual psychology and applied logic. Rather, it discusses prior elements and components of cognition which are rooted in human soul. However, we cannot deny the existence of important common features between transcendental psychology, discursive psychology and epistemology. Since transcendental psychology discusses soul's powers involved in acquiring knowledge, it also discusses kinds of ideas and the doctrine of self-understanding. The present paper tries to introduce and evaluate Kant's transcendental psychology.



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